16 Jan, 2018:
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Consulting Services

DYNESYS functions as an extention of your R&D department, minus the business challenges. DYNESYS's delivery model for consulting services is built from the ground up with quality and security in mind. We support your business with:

Project Management

Security and Risk Management

Furthermore, DYNESYS GmbH offers independent consulting services and audits in the following Safety, Security and Risk Management areas:

Bridging the world

Systems Design

Systems Design DYNESYS supports you with the design and implementation of your product or your mission critical project: from the conceptual design, the functional and non-functional requirements analysis, to the specifications, to the high-level design, to implementation and test, up to the validated integration.

Software Development

Finally, we can take over the burden of the Software Development for your project for you to achieve your desired DAL/SIL/ASIL etc. Level of Certification. Some of the services we offer here are (see also Nearshoring):